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The latest release now supports a simple Where() clause in the statement.

What it does
  • Single perdicate in the Where() statement, which means multiple field comparisons are not yet support with AND|OR clauses.
  • The only operator supported is the Equals() or == operator
  • Object Creation or Projection using Type conversion. Currently only supports String types.
Code Sample
NorthwindIndexContext nw = new NorthwindIndexContext();
string name = "Maria";

var query = from c in context.Customers
            where (c.ContactName == name)
            select new { Name = c.CompanyName, Id = c.CustomerID };


Support for Additional operators and predicates will be made available in upcoming releases.

The majority of the effort requires acknowledgement from the {url:Wayward Weblog|] by Matt Warren of Microsoft. Much of the Expression evaluation has used this as a starting point and been converted to code that supports the Lucene API.

As part of the porting process, this particular release is not fully unit-tested and may be a bit buggy along with the fact that many facets are still not yet supported. As a result the source code version is not yet available as additional pieces get stripped from or added to the code-base. Xml Commenting is also required. This release is made available to get any interested developers a small sense of how it will be like when working with the LINQ to Lucene API.

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